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Cleaning Services

The property needs to be in a “professionally cleaned” condition as it was upon move in. It is important that you have all your belongings removed from the home before vacating. If any furniture, trash, personal items are left behind you will be charged a removal fee.

Interior Walls– All walls must be nail free and holes smoothly spackled.

Walls, Doors and trim– Clean of dust and stains.

Cob-webs– remove all. Check ceiling and corners of every room.

Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Counters– Clean inside of cabinets, wipe down exterior of cabinets, doors and counter tops.

Sinks and Faucets– Clean and remove soap scum and wipe water spots off faucet. Wipe down interior and exterior of sink cabinet. If you have a garbage disposal, put baking soda inside and run for 1 minute with water.

Oven and Stove– Clean oven, burner pans and rings, vent and filters, bottom drawer and floor under stove. Clean cabinet walls on both sides of oven/stove.

Microwave– Clean inside and out.

Dishwasher– Wipe down front & sides. Clean drain of any debris and wipe down rubber seal around door.

Refrigerator/ Freezer– Clean exterior and exterior, including shelves & crisper bins. Clean floor under refrigerator and side of cabinets.

Pantry/Closets– Wipe down shelves. Sweep and clean floor and wipe down door.

Vinyl, Tile Floors or Carpet– Sweep and mop. Vinyl should have a light coat of wax. ALL CARPETS MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED AND DEORDORIZED. IF YOU HAVE PETS CARPETS MUST BE DEFLEAED. Receipt must be turned in to the management office along with keys. You will be charged for professional carpet cleaning if receipt is not given at the time of move out. The A/C must remain running for 24 hours following carpet cleaning to prevent carpet mildew.

Painting– If painting was done without the authorization of WEICHERT, REALTORS® – Coastal City than it must be returned to the original color upon move in.

Base boards– Must be wiped down and cleaned. Touch up paint as needed.

Vanity and Mirrors– Clean mirrors, clean water spots and wipe down shelves. Clean interior and exterior of vanity.

Tub/ Showers– Remove soap scum & water spots. Wipe down all sides of shower. Clean inside the toilet and exterior base. Including floors behind the toilet.

Blinds and Window seals– Clean / dust window seals and blinds. Replace if damaged.

Light Fixtures, Bulbs and Fans– Clean all fixtures and replace all burnt out bulbs. Remove dead bugs/ dust from all light fixtures. Clean all fan blades.

Heating & Cooling – Vents and Ceiling Fans- Clean and vacuum vents. If cover can be removed vacuum inside of vent. Wipe all dust off ceiling fans and inside light fixture, Vacuum dust from ceiling exhaust fans in bathroom.

Windows / Glass doors– Wash inside with glass cleaner / wipe out sills and tracks to remove any dust, bugs or debris.

Patios– Sweep floors/wipe cob-webs from walls and corners. Repair screens if necessary and clean windows.

Trash– Remove all trash and debris. All garbage cans returned to appropriate spots.

Yard-Make sure lawn is mowed, edged, trimmed and flower beds are weeded. If a pet is present make sure to remove all pet waste.

Utilities– Do not have utilities disconnected until 24 hours after carpet cleaning.

Important Reminders

Please return all keys, remotes, pool passes to our office upon vacating. Please review your lease for any fees that apply if not returned. The key return sheet is attached in this booklet and must be filled out with your forwarding address. If we do not receive a forwarding address all communication via mail will be sent to the vacated property.